Meizu 7 pro and plus Overview.

By Ajithkumar.

After a very long period of the dual camera era. Now a brand has implemented a perfect dual display smartphone. It's Meizu 7 series. Well, Meizu is a brand which many of us wouldn't have heard about, but it's like a Xiaomi brand with mobiles which weren't that successful.

So now they have come with a hopeful device with some new technologies and have made an interesting phone it's Meizu 7 pro and 7 Plus.

The uniqueness of this phone is that it has dual displays. Back in the past, there were phones which had a dual display setup like LG v10 and v20 and YOTA phones, but it cannot be called as perfect dual displays.

The Meizu second display is 1.9 inches AMOLED display, which can be used to take amazing selfies with back camera. And it even lights up when you flip the phone. You can use it to view notifications etc.

The Meizu 7 pro is a lower end version and 7 plus is the higher end version.
Under the hood, the 7 Pro is powered by the MediaTek P25 chipset and the higher end version 7 Plus is powered by MediaTek x30.

Well, the 7 Pro may sound poor in this segment as the chipset is a poor caliber chip. But talking about 7 Plus the X30 is a new octa core chip built on 10 nm process. It has a dual a73 processor at 2.8 GHz and a quad-core a73 clocked at 2.3GHz and power saving chip a35 at 1.9GHz well it is a competitor to Snapdragon 835.

The 7 pro has a 4GB RAM with 64/128 GB storage and the plus has 6GB RAM with 64/128 GB storage.
Talking about the display Pro 7 has a 5.2inch 1080p super AMOLED display and the plus version has a bigger 5.7-inch quad HD display.

All this is powered by a 3000 mah battery for the pro and a slightly bigger 3500 mah battery. Though it may sound less the 10nm is claimed to be power efficient.

Talking about the price the 7 pro is sold at 2880 Yuvans or 27500 Rs and the plus variant is sold for 4000 Yuvans or 39000 Rs. Still, it has not been launched in India. We hope that soon it will be launched here.

Will be a strong competitor for Oneplus 5 and Mi 6.
Well, the time has to answer this.

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