Jio's 0 Rupee phone explained.

By Ajithkumar.

Today again a new revolution was created by Jio by introducing there free of cost phone which is priced at 0Rs. Today, let's talk about it and look into the phone.

Jio was introduced last year as a telecom provider who changed the whole telecom market by offering free data till 3 months and then offered plans that made other telecom operators struggle. As a result of this Jio proudly announced that this revolution pushed India to number 1 position in data consumptions. Indians consume 125 crore data each and every month which is very huge.

So coming to the phone they call it as "Jio Phone" and it is a basic bar mobile phone and it supports 4G AND has 2.4-inch QVGA display. And it has other features like Torch, interesting radio, HEADPHONE JACK, CAMERA etc.

The interesting aspect is that it has a voice assistant in built which can do basic tasks like calling and sending a message.
Another interesting aspect is that it has NFC support so you may think why is it necessary for bar phones.
Well, they are focused on e-payments and other services of aadhar.

So now coming to the most interesting aspect the pricing.
The cost of the phone is basically 0.But you have to pay a refundable amount of 1500 which will be refunded to you after 3 years.

And the plans for these mobiles are also quite interesting it has a 153Rs plan which offers unlimited data**, calls and messaging. Using this phone you can even connect it to the television and stream video contents and movies for this you have to pay Rs 309 in addition. So this is all about the new phone hope you people like it and the pre-booking starts from 24th of August and available from September first week.