All you need to know about iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X.

By Ajithkumar.

Yesterday was a historic day for Apple and the team as they unveiled their most innovative and exotic and mind-boggling inventions like wireless charging and a year of hard work and put them all in the form of their new iPhone lineup :P.

Besides jokes yeah, finally the most expected launch of the year, was launched. This time Apple had three new phones that are iPhone 8, 8+ and X (ten).

Talking about 8 and 8+, in short, we can complete it by saying that nothing has changed from its predecessors except the new and faster A11 bionic chip and they have added wireless charging ability to it and stereo speaker support. Other than this there is no new change in the design or body, it has the same 12MP camera, but they claim it to be better than its predecessor and still, there is no headphone jack.

So the talk of the launch was iPhone X. So what is new in this.

1. It has a new and beautiful edge to edge display for an immersive experience.

2. Dual 12MP camera in which even the secondary telephoto lens has OIS support and has other features like portrait mode, etc. Talking about the front camera it has updated camera and now even has a portrait mode for the front camera.

3. A new A11 bionic chip which can support the new Face ID.

4. After removal of headphone jack now they have even removed the Touch ID. In order to replace them, they have developed Face ID which can unlock your phone with your face. It has a Dot projector which blasts dots on your face and the flood illuminator will detect and unlock it.
It was even a bad luck for Apple so while demonstrating the Face ID in front of the whole world, they failed in their first attempt as the phone didn't properly recognize and unlock it.
After this incident, the whole tech community erupted with funny names and all are still doubtful whether it will work properly even Apple's stock price had an immediate impact after this.

5. It has the new wireless and fast charging support.

These were the important aspects of iPhone X other than those it has all other features of iPhone 8+.
Now coming to the interesting part the price. Being an Apple product as expected the prices are high as mountains.

For 8 it starts from $699/$849 for 64GB/128GB respectively.
For 8+ it starts from $799/$949 for 64gb/128GB respectively.
For iPhone X it starts from whooping $1000/$1149 for 64 and 128GB variants respectively.

The interesting part is though Apple and team do not do much to their new series lineup they have so strong marketing team that can sell anything which is helping Apple to be the leader in this industry

So this is all about their new phone lineup other than this they even launched new Apple watch series and the new Apple TV.