Google's Tez app explained

By Ajithkumar.

So have you ever wondered that you can make money just by transacting money to your friends or transacting money to a shopkeeper?

Yeah, it is totally possible so today Google unveiled its own payment called as Tez payment App which is available in play store and the app store.

This app is not a usual payment app like the others it has some cool features like cash mode. So if you want to pay some money and if you are not willing to share your details then you can use this mode.

In this mode, the phone emits ultrasonic waves which will be detected by the receiver's phone and the transaction happens once it is detected and authenticated.

Other than this there are some cool offers like you can get 51 Rs for each friend you invite and for each transaction you get a scratch card which can get you money up to 1000 Rs and every month a lucky winner gets 1 lakh rupee. Interesting right, so now you all people would be excited to transact money through this app.

This app is currently available only in India and this has been introduced to increase the use of electronic currency and avoid corruption and this app is fully based on UPI payment modes.

And another cool feature is that the transaction is done account to account without any intermediate so you don't have to worry.

So everyone can now download and invite your friends and make transactions and win exciting prizes and make this society a corruption free