Track your stolen phone.

By Ajithkumar.

In this world filled with smartphones and technology, there is a solution for everything. So what if you lose your valuable smartphone. Will you go to a police station?

No, there are many other easy steps to track your phone without any problem. So today, let's see how to track your stolen phone.

Basically, the main thing you need for this process that is IMEI number.

What is an IMEI number?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) it is the unique number that every smartphone has and even many 3g/4g enabled tablets. You can find it on your smartphone box or bill or beneath your smartphone battery.

This process is applicable for both Android and IOS the only thing is that the method differs. So let us assume that you have lost or left your phone somewhere or someone stole your phone. Without panicking, you can follow these steps and locate it.

So if you are an Android user you can go to this link.
Or if you are an IOS user you can go to your cloud.

After going to that particular website you can see the list of your device that synced with that email ID. You can choose the device you need to track and you are provided with three options.

1. Ring

By clicking this option you can make your phone ring even if it is the silent mode for 5 minutes.

2. Lock

You can lock your device if the device doesn't have any lock setup. Along with locking you can display a message in that phone along with your phone number so a person who has this can reach out to you.

3. Erase

If you feel that you can't get back your phone, you can use this option to completely erase all your data in that device.

But for doing all this thing your phone should be connected to the internet. So if the device is not connected we recommend you to lock your device. Because the device can get internet access anytime so if you lock it as soon as the device gets internet connection it locks and displays your message.

Still, you are not satisfied, then you can go to a police station lodge an F.I.R and then take it to your mobile carrier and they will block the phone. That means if the phone tries to put a new SIM card the location will be shown to the operator and you can find your device.

What if you don't know your IMEI number and you don't have any sources to find it.
Well, you can go to google dashboard and you can select a device and view all the details including your IMEI. In the case of IOS if you have done any cloud backup of that device, then you can go there and get your IMEI.

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